Escape rooms are a new live entertainment phenomenon sweeping the globe. Players come as a team to challenge themselves with the puzzles in the rooms. Each puzzle takes a different kind of clever to solve and teams of friends, family and work colleagues interact with each other in unique ways to create a unique and unforgettable experience. The rooms are not scary or unpleasant in any way just a great way to have fun, test yourself and build relationships with the people you come to the rooms with. The clock is ticking, will you solve the room in time?


The Escape Rooms is a perfect way for groups of friends to kick off an evening together or pass a bad weather day in Zermatt. Get to know your friends in ways you could never imagine with these unique challenges and share an unforgettable experience.


The Escape Rooms is a great family activity: watch as your children spot clues and solve puzzles you hadn't even noticed. It takes all kinds of clever to crack the rooms and finding hidden talents amongst your loved ones can be the most exciting discovery.


Savvy corporate team builders have been using Escape Rooms for a while now. Let your team face these unique challenges together in these unusual environments and get to know your people better while they grow as a team.


Why not give an escape room to a friend or family, as a gift? If you've enjoyed it that much you know they will too.


What ages are the escape rooms suitable for?
Ages 7+ if accompanied by older group members. Groups of 11+ can play together and will receive more hint support than an adult group to keep gameplay flowing.

Is it Scary?
No, there is no horror element to the games. People who are worried they might feel claustrophobic being locked in will be given an emergency escape option.

Where are we?
Schluhmattstrasse 3,3920 Zermatt, Switzerland

What if I don't speak German?
The puzzles are language neutral, you can do them in any language they just use European number and letter systems.

Can I take photos and videos in the room?
Afraid not, the rooms are top secret but we will give you a photo to remember your visit.


2-3 PEOPLE = 40chfs pp     4-5 PEOPLE = 35 chfs pp     6 PEOPLE = 30 chfs pp     7-8 PEOPLE = 25 chfs per person

Room 1: 2-6 persons

Difficulty rating: 3.5/5

You and your team are a famous gang of bank robbers, not just any gang but the best bank robbers in all of Switzerland. You have heard that the secret vault here in Zermatt is holding the most valuable thing. It's not the gold, it's not the jewels or the money it is a USB drive with one million bitcoin on it. You have entered the bank and tripped the alarms. The doors are locked. You have 60 minutes before the police will arrive. You must crack the vault and escape with money before the police arrive and send you to jail for life!


Room 2: 2-8 persons

Difficulty rating: 4/5

You wake up in a strange room that is totally black and white. You have no idea how you got there and believe you must have been hypnotised. The moment you woke there was a countdown clock that started ticking. You see a camera in the corner of the room and realise you are being watched. The room is filled with seemingly impossible puzzles. Will you escape in time, what will happen if you don't?


Room 3: 3-8 persons

Difficulty rating: 5/5

On a dark desert highway, you see a shimmering light, your head grows heavy and your sight grows dim, you have to stop for the night. There she stands in the doorway, you hear the mission bell. You start thinking to you yourself this could be heaven or this could be hell... she tells you you can check out anytime you like but you can never leave. Welcome to the hotel California…


Schluhmattstrasse 3,3920 Zermatt, Switzerland

T: + 078 693 80 86

Payment by credit card only available for online bookings.
Telephone or email bookings must be paid in cash at the escape rooms

website: andy garside